East Timorese Association

ETAP is a non-profit community organisation designed to support the local Timorese community, to tackle social isolation and encourage community integration.

ETAP participate in many local social and sport activities. We celebrate the East Timor Independence Day each year. We hold open monthly meetings inviting guests to share their information. 


     The Association's Management Team

  • Celso Oliveira - Coordinator

Committee members:

  • Demetrio da Silva - Vice (Trustee)
  • Clara Jeronimo - Secretary (Trustee)
  • Zito Carvalho - Treasurer (Trustee)
  • Zelindo Soares - Trustee
  • Severino Carvalho - Trustee

        16 Volunteers

How our members say they benefit:

1. “ Getting support regarding immigration issues and getting better connections with other communities”

2. “ ESOL classes”

3. " We can be together, we can share experiences”

4. “ Getting support about housing issue”.

Women's Group


Coffee Club leaflet

Timor Football Festival

Our objectives are:

1. Celebrating the East Timor Independence Day on 20th of May every year.

2. Promoting the socio-cultural heritage and knowledge of East Timor to the Peterborough community.

3. Bringing and inspiring people together not only from The East Timorese community but developing and promoting the means of community integration within a wider and diverse community in Peterborough.

4. Creating a great opportunity to involve local authorities to circulate information to larger communities in Peterborough.

The Taça 20 de Maio is a large festival football tournament  organise by the ETAP. It is an exciting and amazing sport event with its principal objective to celebrate the East Timor Independence Day. The first football tournament was put together in 2015 which 16 teams took part on. These teams mainly came from Peterborough, However we welcomed teams from other places in the UK (e.g. Cambridgeshire, Great Yarmouth, Oxford and North of Ireland).

In 2016 and 2017, we put togetehr 16 teams and 11 nationalities came from other places in the UK.

The ambassador of East Timor in the UK is  present  every year in every tournament.

Every year the winning team will win the “Taça 20 de Maio” trophies, medals and certificates.


Our football team has participated in numerous football tournaments around the city and we have found this a very positive experience as it has enabled us to connect with the people of Peterborough and integrate ourselves with the indigenous population. For the last ten years we have organised our own football tournament with the specific aim of promoting social cohesion.