Our group is being helped by Big Society Funding CIC, as part of their pro-bono support to small organisations.


East Timorese Association


As a non-profit community organisation designed to support the local Timorese community we aim to tackle social isolation and encourage community integration.


We participate in many local events and activities, we celebrate East Timor Independence Day on 20th May each year. We have participated in the Literature & Poetry Festival, Multi-Cultural Food festival and various events held at PARCA’s main community building. We hold open monthly meetings inviting guests, and everyone to share their information and to organise fashion shows, make traditional products or hold sporting competitions or a BBQ in Summer months.


We are supported by:

  • Embassy of Timor Leste in UK
  • St. Peter & All Soul’s Church
  • Peterborough City Council
  • PARCA (Promoting African Refugee Community Association)
  • People Health Trust
  • Big Society Funding Community Interest Company
  • Peterborough CVS
  • Peterborough Forum Group




The Association's Management Team


  • Celso Oliveira - President
  • Zito Carvalho - Vice President & Treasurer


Committee members:


  • Clara Jeronimo
  • Demetrio da Silva
  • Ana Rosa
  • Julio Lopes (Sports Group)
  • Egidio Oliveira (Youth Group)

We have produced a report about all of local work called ‘Make a Difference’ - please email us if you would like to see a copy.

How our members say they benefit:


“ Getting support regarding immigration issues and getting better connections with other communities”


“ ESOL classes”


" We can be together, we can share experiences”


“ Getting support about housing issue”.


Survey organised by Big Society Funding CIC, March 2017



East Timorese Association of Peterborough (ETAP'boro) is non profit community organisation which aims to support the social, economic and cultural needs of Timorese people living in Peterborough.

Unity Hall

Northfield Road

Peterborough, PE1 3QH


07407 177504


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